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Download Cybergeist on Google Play!

We proudly announce that our first mobile game is avaiable on Google Play!

Cybergeist is an endless runner cyberpunk game with pacman-like gameplay. Read the official description bellow:

Guide the cyborg Cybergeist at high speed through the streets of a cyberpunk world!
Avoid the flying vehicles and collect the orbs of energy to unleash its true power.
Use the laser power to destroy everything in the path!

★ Original and fun gameplay
★ Simple controls: swipe to move or jump
★ Cyberpunk themed
★ Addictive soundtrack
★ Work hard to reach the top of the ranking

You can download it to your android phone using the button bellow:

Get it on Google Play


Baba Altama – 1st Stitch Release

Hi all!

We were working on the Baba Altama game since last year as you could follow by the news bellow, but because of life business we had to stop the project for a while. Unfortunally, we don't have much time or support to develop this game, so we decided to release a short demo version called Baba Altama - 1st Stitch.

The project had a couple of changes, from the monsters sprites to the tutorial map architecture. You can see some updated screenshots bellow:


For you that didn't followed our updates, this game is a RPG platformer using a concept similar to the crayon physics: in some points during the gameplay you can craft stage objects that allow you moving forward. Our old lady character Baba Altama does this using her magical crochet skills.

You can download the Windows version on IndieDB, but there more versions soon to come (Mac, Linux and a browser version).

Baba Altama - 1st Stitch 1.0

If you enjoy the demo, please comment here! It's important for us to know if is worth to keep going on this game development! Also comment here if you find a bug or have some suggestions to improve Baba Altama.

Hope you enjoy it!


Download Rapunzel’s Braid Now


As promised, here is the download link for Rapunzel's Braid:

Rapunzel's Braid 1.1

Currently you can play it on Windows only.

As I said before, it's a really short game for learning purpose, but we hope you have fun!

Let us know what you think about it here in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook or on IndieDB! And if you face any problems trying to play, contact us.

You can read more about the game in the previous post.

Now we will back focusing on Baba Altama! Some news coming soon.


Introducing Rapunzel’s Braid

Hello everyone!

Due to the high level of work and study we decided to put Baba Altama on a short hiatus. But we are still working on the game.

Anyway, I (Ravenheart) had finished my first game made from scratch for a project on the university. The game is called Rapunzel's Braid, a top scroller platformer based on the Rapunzel's fairytale.

But here, our princess is not much careful with her hair and let the tower be infested by lice. Now she needs the help of a not really handsome prince to save her and her long hair.

Is a very simple and short game, but can actually be fun, I guess.

I will release it free in the next post (need to wait the approval on IndieDB). While we wait, I will post some media material.

There's is the first video:

The quality is low because the screen is not much bigger, but gets better when you play.

Some screenshots:

Some artwork:

That is it!

Next post the download link!