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DeadShotZ - Featured Image

Spin and Kill Zombies on DeadShotZ

Hello there!

It’s not been a long time since we released Cybergeist, but we have another game for you: DeadShotZ. Here’s the official description:

Spin and shoot to survive!
Kill the hordes of zombies that never seems to end!

A arcade game with simple mechanics that you can play anywhere. Do you like Flappy Bird and other fast games? Try DeadShotZ.

DeadShotZ - Title Screen
DeadShotZ – Title Screen
DeadShotZ - Tutorial
DeadShotZ – Tutorial
DeadShotZ - In-Game Pic
DeadShotZ – In-Game Pic













★ Easy to learn and play
★ Zombies
★ Lots of blood
★ Do your best to reach the ranking

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