Indigo Arts

Cut, Smash & Wrap

Cut Smash & Wrap is our first puzzle game!

Despite being a puzzle, it follows the same philosophy of our previous mobile games, it is fast and easy to play.
Destroy blocks using the combinations of the famous Rock, Paper, Scissors game! Smash scissors blocks using rock blocks, cut paper with scissor and wrap the rocks!

Match 3 or 5 blocks to multiply your score!

Challenge this unique puzzle game by yourself or try to beat your friends and find who’s the best!

Cut Smash & Wrap – Title screen
Cut Smash & Wrap – In-game screen
Cut Smash & Wrap – In-game screen
Cut Smash & Wrap – Level up
Cut Smash & Wrap – Game Over





























Cut Smash & Wrap have:

● Pretty and light graphics
● Easy to learn and play
● Nice sound and addictive rhythm
● Do your best to reach the top of the ranking!

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